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Will Your Holiday Home Meet New Covid-19 Cleaning Needs?

Cleaning is not the same as ‘sanitising and safe’

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Will Your Holiday Home Meet New Covid-19 Cleaning Needs?

Let’s face it, getting the balance right between inviting visitors back on holiday and the control of Coronavirus is a massive topic right now and making a great impression on us all…

  • How will you ensure guests and staff stay safe?
  • Will they have the confidence to come back?
  • What can you do NOW to help?

With the ongoing spotlight on the importance of a hygienic and quality cleaned environment, and the expected new Covid-19 requirements and hygiene regulations for the industry, having decisive and effective holiday home cleaning measures in place will promote confidence not only with guests but staff and partnerships too.

Cleaning is not the same as ‘sanitising and safe’- Do not take a risk!

This is where Clarity Cleans professional cleaning service play an integral part. Our holiday home cleaning and sanitising procedures and tools minimises the risk of Covid-19 infection and transmission, business closure and promotes customer confidence in your services and facilities.

Fact: If you are seen to show that you are preventative it instils confidence and your visitors will return!

Clarity Cleans have invested in cutting edge science and a product that 100% eradicates Covid-19.

Yes 100% eradicates the virus and ALL infection potential with it.

Using our ‘Sanitising and X-Mist Service’ we Guarantee will 100% eradicate all risk…and your business can proudly proclaim in advance to all potential guests that they are 100% Safe.

  • Particular attention is paid to frequently touched surfaces such as counters, doorknobs, light switches, and accessories.
  • Social distancing measures, best practise, and PPE considerations throughout the process from entering the space to changing the bedding…
  • We spray with our specialist atmospheric sanitiser which has been proven to eradicate coronavirus!
  • We eliminate airborne Coronavirus (kills Coronavirus within 1 minute!) and rooms treated with our product can be used again within 60 minutes of sanitising.

Give your customers confidence and give your business something to shout about.

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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