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Will your holiday accommodation be ready?

But are you confident that you will be ready?

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Will your holiday accommodation be ready?

April has been a strange month for many of us in the Holiday Industry. At a time when we would have been in full swing, with holiday accommodation cleaning well underway and trained teams delivering smooth services to those springtime guests getting the season started.

Instead it has been quiet, the parks left still and accommodations standing. Leaving time for heavy dust to settle and the smell of stale air to fill the space.….

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we will get out again soon.
But are you confident that you will be ready?

It’s a fact – we WILL be back at work soon … but given the heightened expectations and requirements sure to face our industry as we return, will you be ready?

Your customers deserve to feel confident that they are staying in a quality cleaned and sanitised holiday accommodation.

Success in delivering this will make the difference between those parks that will have a speedy return over those that drag behind.

  • Will you have all the people you need?
  • Do they have the skills, training and confidence they will require?
  • Will you have the right tools and knowledge to deliver the new level of cleaning required?

Clarity Cleans do..

We specialise in quality cleaning and know what to do.

We realise these are difficult times and fully appreciate your current scenario and that is why we genuinely want to help!

Our professional cleaning service provides a quality sanitising, germ free clean and has been proven to eradicate Covid-19 allowing you to safely proclaim this fact to your colleagues and guests when you reopen.

If you would like to have a chat about what we may be able to do to support your parks when the season kicks back in then please get in touch.
Contact us today!

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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