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Will You Embrace Safe Standards Of Cleaning?

Embrace Safe Standards

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Will You Embrace Safe Standards Of Cleaning?

Will You Embrace Safe Standards Of Cleaning Or Could Your Holiday Park Be At Further Risk?!

The world is changing and in these unprecedented times we are all suffering. Businesses are being battered and personal safety and livelihoods of many friends, relatives and colleagues has been massively wobbled.

But it will settle down. It will return to ‘normal’, and when it does it will carry with it a different heightened awareness…

Perceptions toward the value of cleaning has fallen short in the past, leaving many Holiday Park cleaning services feeling the pinch. But, particularly with the impact of Covid-19, these perceptions are changing.

There is now a greater acknowledgement toward the value of cleaning and those doing it. However, be warned! With this comes greater expectations…

Expectations for best standards, attention to detail and of course, safety within this. People will be looking closer and, if not managed correctly, the repercussions should you get it wrong may be devastating for your Holiday Park!

Do NOT Take The Risk!

Clarity Cleans are a unique specialist Holiday Park cleaning service in that we work ‘in partnership’ with parks and share your standards and goals. We commit to the standards of cleanliness and safety that will drive your parks success during this transition….

Using a Clarity Cleans gives you a partner that has a depth of experience, has the resources that you may not have and reduces your risk in the day operation of the business.

Additionally, we bring best practise to your holiday park cleaning and it means that we are on top of new legislation relating to Health & Safety and Hygiene Standards to ensure that you and your guests are safe.

Not All Cleaning Is The Same… Discover The Clarity Cleans Way

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Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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