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Why the Living Wage Accreditation is Great for Business!

Being a Living Wage Accredited business benefits businesses in several ways, click to find out how!

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Why the Living Wage Accreditation is Great for Business!

Here at ClarityCleans, we strive for high standards of cleaning, sound business strategy, a good profit, an environmentally friendly business and most of all, happy staff, and customers. Part of how we do that, is being Living Wage Accredited.

Being a Living WageAccredited business benefits businesses in several ways.


Makes us Stand Out From Competitors


The cleaning industry is saturated with minimum wage work. We have many competitors that can charge less because they pay less… But is that necessarily a good thing? No!
Our commitment to the Living Wage means we stand out from many in our industry.We are an ideal choice for other Living Wage accredited businesses because shared values are a great basis for a great partnership! We are known for low staff turnover and even lower customer complaints! This is absolutely in part because our staff know we care about their financial security, which in turn, makes us an attractive prospect to our clients who want reliable staff and great results!


Staff Retention and Care


Our staff retention is higher than industry standard (by a lot), because we choose to show our staff we care. This, in part means giving them a Living Wage that is higher than the national minimum wage. Without our dedication to the LivingWage, especially in times such as the time of writing, our staff would be working hard for less and we just don’t think that is fair.
Staff retention also leads to lower costs around training and recruitment! Savings we can put into other aspects of business. For example, charity work, Christmas presents, ice lollies on hot days and competitions!



Improved Reputation


As the living wage gains popularity, we find more businesses asking about our wage practices, it can occasionally be a pre-requisite to working with a business. This gives us an advantage over other companies that do not do this for their staff.
As previously mentioned, our dedication to the living wage, among other issues like sustainability, means we are a great fit for other businesses with the same moral stances.

Power in Small Business to Make Change


SMEs make up almost100% of the UK economy and so implementing the Living Wage means we can make a direct impact to people’s lives, spending power and therefore, the economy as a whole! We would love to live in a country where no one is worried about bus fare or putting food on the table. All SMEs taking the plunge to support the LivingWage means that the actual minimum wage would become all but obsolete! We feel good that we are part of a great change in culture.


The Living Wage Foundation is a Great Marketing Partner


The Living WageFoundation do a lot of work to promote the cause and by proxy, companies that areLiving Wage accredited.
They have promoted businesses on their website and newsletters, they engage with companies on social media and send out imagery that companies can then use for their own marketing!
The more companies aware of the Living Wage movement, the better!


We are proud of our commitment, and we love to shout about it! See more about the Living Wage on Instagram @livingwagefoundation or us @claritycleans

Watch this space for more Living Wage content in the coming weeks! 

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Ann Mary
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