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Why Outsource Your Cleaning?

“Stick to the knitting”

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Why Outsource Your Cleaning?

Why outsource your cleaning? The concept of outsourcing specialist areas of your business is nothing new – businesses have been outsourcing since the ‘70s. The reasons for doing it are varied but essentially come down to 3 key drivers:

1. Reduce and control operating costs –

Outsourcing can help control capital costs; in the cleaning industry, there are some elements of cleaning that are only carried out infrequently, carpet cleaning for instance. However, the equipment for these tasks are both expensive and cumbersome to store.
Outsourcing means that the purchase and storage is down to the specialist, saving both money and space.

2. Free internal management from time consuming, non-core business activities –

It is a fact that staff turnover within the average cleaning runs at 200%! How much time must your HR team dedicate to advertising, interviewing, induction and training to deliver that? All those headaches are outsourced to your cleaning company along with all the attendant Health & Safety issues, payroll and ongoing training issues.

3. Bring in key competencies from a strategic partner –

Using an external contractor gives you a partner that has a depth of experience, has the resources that you may not have and reduces your risk in the day operation of the business.
Additionally, they may bring best practise to you and even help launch new projects more quickly than you might otherwise be able to do.

Should we outsource our cleaning?

As Michael Porter famously said, “Stick to the knitting”.

The evaluation of your business to help decide if it is sensible to outsource comes down to a key question – what is the main element of our business? What is it that we do that is core to our profitability and success?

  • If you are running a holiday park, your key focus is delivering the best possible holiday experience to the guests.
  • When running a school, your core competence is education and managing the children to create well rounded individuals.
  • If you are running a business, keeping the facilities clean is not your core competence- it may be sales, legal, retail or any myriad of tasks.

As the core competence of Clarity Cleans is efficient and effective cleaning, our fully trained staff can perform the tasks allotted to them more quickly, more efficiently and with a depth of experience that your own staff do not have.

This allows your team to focus on what you do best… and this is why outsourcing your cleaning services makes perfect sense.

Partnering with Clarity Cleans means you can trust that the cleaning is being carried out safely and effectively, leaving you to focus on the growth and success of your business.

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