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Why are we a sustainable business…

show our commitment to the earth

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Why are we a sustainable business…

Clarity Cleans is a Sustainable Business!

Fundamentally, sustainability is about using our fair share of resources whilst making sure there is enough for everyone else – present and future! It is about ensuring there will be a planet for our children and grandchildren to enjoy! And that is why being a sustainable business is vital.

Why is it important to us?

We only have one planet, and it is vital that we are playing our role in keeping our home healthy. We expect individuals to take action like recycling, using public transport etc but we should also take that mentality to work. Clarity Cleans feel it is our duty to keep our business in line with the ethics we have whilst we are sat in our homes.

What are we doing to show our commitment to the earth?

Clarity Cleans is ISO14001 accredited. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and our accreditation shows that. We endeavour to use less energy, reduce our environmental impact and support partners who also have an emphasis on sustainability.

Clarity Cleans is dedicated to using hybrid cars for our senior staff! We encourage public transport and car pooling for staff whenever possible.

We also prioritise sustainable ways of cleaning. Where-ever our equipment can be repaired that is our goal. Moreover, we use reusable microfiber cloths that have long life spans and require less chemicals for effective cleaning. To compliment this we also endeavour to use plant-based cleaning products as much as possible.

The local and wider community is incredibly important to us. And we know that we can continuously improve our sustainability to make sure that the village, county, country, and world we live in is here for many more years to come.

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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