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Superb School Cleaning For Their Return

‘Cleaning and Sanitising Service’

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Superb School Cleaning For Their Return

Superb School Cleaning For Their Return

When it comes to superb cleaning there is a lot to think about.

And in a school where the priority is to keep children safe, while thoroughly cleaning and sanitising to destroy virus and bacteria, it can be even more complicated.

Don’t let the cleaning make you sick! Clarity Cleans can help!

We are cleaning specialists that know school cleaning is a delicate task, balancing cleanliness and hygiene while considering health and safety throughout the process.

With our skills, tools and knowledge we can help you. We work in partnership with schools in areas from Bath to Barnstaple to deliver a quality cleaning service.

We have teams across the South West that are ready to help ensure your school cleaning is at its best!

Clarity Cleans bring a unique touch when it comes to your school and focus on understanding your requirements so that we can tailor a bespoke package of services to meet your needs such as:

  • Return to school deep cleaning to get it sparkling fresh.
  • Atmospheric sanitiser for detailed and thorough coverage.
  • Regular sanitising and cleaning service for ongoing safety and cleanliness.
  • Consumable and stock procurement and management.

Let us take this difficult task out of your hair so that you can be free to do what you do best and concentrate on your students!

To discover more about our ‘Cleaning and Sanitising Service’:

Call now at 01934 313 000 or contact us at !

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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