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Quality Cleaning Counts!

Use the right tool for the job!

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Quality Cleaning Counts!

Quality cleaning really does count. We all understand and value the importance of a clean and healthy environment and while it may seem obvious, this is something that can easily slack as we get busier and seasons get warmer. With the current focus on the importance of a hygienic and quality cleaned environment, maintaining a clean and healthy area will not only reduce the loss of staff due to sickness but also the possible impact to your business should the worst arrive.
This month we thought we would share some hints from our experienced team in maintaining a quality clean and hygienic environment.

Keep your hands clean!

Wash your hands! We touch our faces much more than we think creating a heaven for germs to enter our bodies. We also touch many common areas, causing illness to spread! 20 seconds with soap and warm water is the way to protect ourselves and others.

Clean shared work tools and environments  correctly and consistently!

Particularly items such as telephone handsets, keyboards and pens. These are items that are more likely to encounter contaminants and should ideally be cleaned daily, with disinfectant chemicals.

Public areas need special consideration!

With increased traffic this of course increases the risk of spread. Clean widely used items regularly. Again, consider those spots that are used a lot such as doorknobs, call buttons or remote controls!

Keep on top of it!

It is important to remember that viruses can survive on different surfaces and areas for different periods of time. The current theory for ‘COVID’ for example, suggests that it would survive on solid surfaces such as wood, glass, aluminium and paper for over a week!

Use the right tool for the job!

This is not just the right chemical solutions (different viruses require different compositions) but also correct and consistent cleaning and disinfecting procedures. This not only ensures an effective job the first time but reduces the risk of any contamination in the future.

During this period of heavy review over quality and effective cleaning, we hope these hints will help.  

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