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Outsource Your Builder Cleans

work incredibly hard to create beautiful spaces

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Outsource Your Builder Cleans


We know you work incredibly hard to create beautiful spaces for people to live and work. However, unsightly debris and dust from your hard work can result in less satisfied customers. We have heard countless stories of disappointed customers, not from the building works itself, but the standard of cleaning after. Customers often then end up reaching into their own pocket to correct the poor cleaning. Regardless of it is fair, this can reflect badly on your business. Don’t let your hard work be disregarded because of substandard cleaning. Being known as the builders that care and pay attention to detail, really can mean all the difference.

2. Expertise

Our staff are rigorously trained in all the latest technology, cleaning techniques and know exactly what is expected from them in a builders clean. Outsourcing your cleaning to us, also assures that you have a reliable, accountable, and professional result. Our combination of managerial skills and cleaning skills mean we deliver 5* cleaning as well as business minded management who make sure you are never caught short by illness or staff not turning up and there is always someone on the other end of the phone.

3. Focus

Outsourcing your builders cleaning to Clarity Cleans means that you can solely focus on your work. We know you are brilliant at what you do, and we are brilliant at what we do! We can discreetly and effectively clean your area, leaving more physical and mental space for you to excel at your job. In addition, seeing the gorgeous results of your efforts all clean and sparkly is great for morale!

If you are thinking about outsourcing your cleaning, why not get in touch?  Call us on 01934 313000

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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