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Our Lockdown Support Legends

supportive traits are always of great value

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Our Lockdown Support Legends

Here at Clarity Cleans we have always known that it is the people in our team that ensure our success. That hardworking, caring and supportive traits are always of great value!

During these challenging times, when many of our hospitality cleaning teams are awaiting a return to work, we are proud to know that some have used lockdown to provide support and ongoing aid for others.

So we would like to take this opportunity to share a moment of happiness…. and positivity…. and to recognise a few of the things just some of the team at Clarity Cleans have been doing during lockdown.

Stacey, our Area Support Manager, and Chelsey, the Office Manager have been providing Nursing Home Support through each lockdown.

Gary, one of our Site Managers, has signed up as an NHS Volunteer Responder

Clara, our Director, has also signed up as a Vaccination Support Volunteer and is waiting to hear when she will be called upon.

Both with their calm demeanour, first aid and health & safety knowledge and truly caring characters we know that they will get things done smoothly, safety and with a smile!

Because that’s how they always work!

So what have you been doing during lockdown? Please do tell and lets share some positive contact during this time.

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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