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Make up your minds – Uncertainty will cost hospitality.

Uncertainty will cost hospitality

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Make up your minds – Uncertainty will cost hospitality.

Make up your minds – Uncertainty will cost hospitality.

As rules and regulations for the opening of hospitality businesses remain unclear it leaves many in the industry uncertain on how best to proceed.

  • Will it be 1 meter or 2?
  • What will the rules be around PPE?
  • Will there be altered rules on max capacity or gatherings?
  • What are the rules on regular cleaning needs?
  • Where do we stand if one of our guests needs to quarantine?
  • Will there be ongoing support available for impacts from reduced revenue?
How do we know? When will they make up their minds and give us the clarity we need?

Of course, the safety of our teams and guests is paramount and to best ensure this we need to know what to prepare. Without clear and prior guidance for the industry, a fog of uncertainty surrounds us, and it is difficult to thoughtfully plan.

We can’t give you those answers, but we can get you ready right now …..

We know that there are a lot of questions in the air and things aren’t clear right now but this is the time to take what action you can.

Clarity Cleans can help you with our Covid-19 secure cleaning.
  • We have the tools and skills proven to eradicate Covid-19 and keep your space safe!
  • Our business is about helping yours. We don’t just clean, we are partners and want to do the best for your business too.
  • Don’t leave it till the last moment. This time offers a unique opportunity to get a step ahead…
Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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