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Leisure Parks maintain social distancing better than most neighbourhoods!

Our voice needs to be heard

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Leisure Parks maintain social distancing better than most neighbourhoods!

Leisure Parks maintain social distancing better than most neighbourhoods!

Let’s be blunt here…the COVID crisis is horrible and sadly costing lives…BUT inherent to the whole issue is ‘social distancing’ and a ‘control’ mindset.

All of us in the industry agree that these measures are vital and we collectively endorse protecting our friends, family and each other.

However why can’t we do that whilst still being open for business?

Leisure Park Lodges have a greater distance between homes than most streets in Britain…so why is it still being classed as unable to open with maintained social distancing?

Our voice needs to be heard.

Yes to safety, Yes to protecting those who need protecting and Yes to maintaining social distancing…but staying on our leisure parks with homes separated by 12 feet or more is safer than most neighbourhoods!!!

Government advisors (SAGE) state that ‘outside is safer than inside’ and they clearly state that ‘surfaces carry a risk of spreading infections if not adequately cleaned’.

Clarity Cleans have a 100% Guaranteed COVID KILLER cleaning process to use on ALL surfaces and lodges…thus providing a clinically proven clean environment for your guests. We have reviewed our Risk Assessments, made our plans and are all set and ready to provide the support your leisure park needs… You provide a safe socially distant accommodation set up…so let us work together to make our voice heard.

Let us open…some restrictions in common areas and bars etc agreed…but let our sites be open to guests.

As an industry our key to survival is in unity.

Let us create a safe ‘middle-ground’ and push for rights to open Leisure parks with maintained social distancing measures before the summer is gone along with our businesses!

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Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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