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Is Your Accommodation Christmas Ready?

Give your guests what they need to keep it clean

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Is Your Accommodation Christmas Ready?

Some simple things to consider that will help when it comes to clearing away…Let us help get your accommodation Christmas ready!

Christmas is such a happy, colourful time. Many of us enjoy seeing the bright lights, decor and of course the showpiece item, the tree!

But how do you get that festive atmosphere without finding Christmas traces in your accommodation when preparing for next Easter….

Stock Up

Give your guests what they need to keep it clean and they will not only thank you for the gesture, but it will save your inventory and housekeeping teams wear and tear at the end….

Hint: We recommend providing disposable roasting trays and foil for the turkey (recyclable of course) but don’t forget that there will be a lot of washing so consider things like a spare tea towel, bin bag and sponge for those stubborn bits.

From experience, this is also a good time to check if kitchen knives are sharp and safe to avoid you getting called out to serve on the big day!

Keep it simple

Its easy to get carried away with the decorating. A bit of glitter here, some tinsel there and soon its everywhere…. When it comes to festive decor simple is stylish!

Don’t forget those hazards and fire risks! Ensure you check any festive lighting before putting up AND before putting them away. Avoid pointy, small or easily breakable decorations and above all remind guests to take care.

Hint: We find that a wreath on the front door and a well decorated tree is enough to get the Christmas glee while maintaining access for keeping the area clean.

Decorating in this way will not only prevent damage to the walls and features but makes it simpler for the tidy up after too.

The Tree

There are many arguments for a real or fake tree, and we won’t go into that now but do remember, if its real WATER IT REGULARLY! If you’re expecting the tree to hold its needles throughout December this is vital but will also save your vacuum cleaner and housekeeper much hassle too.

Hint: For a sophisticated, crisp and clean look follow the rule of 3! 3 colours are ample and work beautifully, 3 varieties of decoration also work best – round baubles, string beads and lights are my ‘go to’ set…

Finally, got pet friendly accommodation? ….. then don’t decorate the lower area of the tree. Removing temptation is better than cleaning up after…

Get clean up ready

Even if you follow all the points above, there is still some clean up to do, but preparation is key to that too. (Oh, I’m turning into Dr Seus)

Packing away the Christmas tree can be very time consuming. Make this as smooth as possible by ensuring all boxes and packaging you may need are close to hand. Do you know where it will be going? And how will you get it there… A buggy can only hold so many Christmas trees, trust me!

Christmas creates a lot of waste so let them know where you want it! Clearly advising everyone from the start what to do can ensure greater efficiency, recycling and space saving.

Hint: Multiple bottles and cans can also be difficult to carry to the bins, causing many to leave them… Could you offer guests a cardboard box from the shop, or maybe a spare bag to help with the task?

While they may not seem big, these points will help reduce the impact to your standard changeover. With considered planning and implementation, decorating your accommodation for the festive season doesn’t have to become your housekeepers Tim Burton story.

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