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How To Keep Your Office Clean

keep your office clean

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How To Keep Your Office Clean

To keep your office clean, it is important to focus on key areas. The desks, the kitchen, the bins and the floors. We recommend using environmentally friendly chemicals (and using chemicals sparingly), microfibre cloths and cleaning often!

Cleaning the Desk

Let’s start with the place you spend most of your time. For most offices, it will be a desk. Desks are filled every day with coffee mugs, food, piles of paper and any other work bits and bobs. Because of this, it will build up a lot of dirt and dust.To stay on top of a clean desk, get into the habit of wiping down your desk at the end of each day with a dry microfibre cloth for dusting, or using a slightly wet one for cleaning. If you’re using a wet cloth, give it a wipe with a dry one after. Along with dusting, try to get rid of any fingerprints over your computer screen and on doors with glass panels.

**Microfibre cloths are the ideal cloth to use because they are versatile, environmentally friendly and effective. They can clean, dust and polish without the need to use any cleaning chemicals. They are made of tiny wedge-shaped fibres, up to 100 times finer than human hair. Those tiny fibres grab and hold dirt. They can be used in many places including in the kitchens, bathrooms, windows, cars and much more.**

Cleaning the Kitchen

Next, onto the kitchen, however small it may be. A kitchen in the office is most of the time being shared with work colleagues, so everyone needs to pitch in.

Here’s our top tip to clean the microwave:

use a small bowl with some water and a lemon, cut in half with both halves squeezed into the water. Set that bowl it in the microwave on full power for three minutes or just until the water starts boiling. The acid from the lemon will act as a detergent and so its steam will cover the microwave with it and therefore removing any splatters of food in the corners and getting rid of the smell, give it a wipe and you’re done! This can be done bi-weekly if there’s not many colleagues using the kitchen.

Clean down the sides with a microfibre cloth and kitchen spray and empty the fridge at least once a week and that is the secret to a happy office kitchen!

Cleaning the Bins

One that we all hate… the rubbish bins. It’s much easier to get someone else to deal with the bins, but that way they’ll never get clean, and their smell will just get worse by the day. It would be a great idea to take the bin outside a couple of times a week to remove any unwanted smells. It’s much easier to check the bin every week and get rid of any muck from rubbish at the bottom by using washing-up liquid and cleaning it thoroughly. If it is done weekly, it won’t be as difficult to clean each time.

Cleaning the Floors

Lastly, the office floor.  Floors can get very grubby! From food to dust. Depending on the floor material, it can be very hard to see crumbs, but bugs such as spiders and mice/rats can see them easily. In order to keep such critters away, it is important to have a crumb-free environment every day. It’s suggested that the floor is vacuumed every day after work. Areas such as the corners of the rooms, behind doors, and ceiling corners are important to be checked all the time because that’s where spiders prefer staying!

Clarity Cleans hopes these simple tips can help you keep your office clean.

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