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Here are Clarity Cleans tips for Superb School Cleaning!

the safety and welfare of the children is top priority

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Here are Clarity Cleans tips for Superb School Cleaning!

Here are Clarity Cleans tips for superb School Cleaning!

When it comes to superb school cleaning, Clarity Cleans understands the safety and welfare of the children is top priority. We advise using chemicals that are gentle enough to not have any effects on the children including those with allergies and/or asthma, yet strong enough to be able to kill any germs and bacteria.

Cleaning the Classrooms

Classrooms can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so it’s crucial that they are cleaned properly. It is vital to focus on the places children touch the most often, their desks, chairs and doors.
To clean a desk, make sure you use a dry cloth to clean first, before using any chemicals on it. Make sure that the chemicals will not cause any harm to children; use upholstery safe chemicals too. Spray the microfibre cloth with the chemical and clean away!

The doorknobs of the classrooms also are key because lot of children will be touching them! To avoid any germs spreading, clean the handles with disinfectant and a microfibre cloth. During COVID times, it is wise to clean touch points like light switches and door handles throughout the day.

The floors of the classrooms can attract critters such as spiders and even rats due to crumbs and will become muddy from little feet. Vacuuming the floors is necessary every day and remember to check the corners of the room, behind doors and under desks. Mop the floors regularly, using warm water and child-friendly chemicals.

Windows in classrooms can become dirty from fingerprints so it’s always a good idea to clean them with a cloth including any glass panels on the doors.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

The school bathrooms are one of the dirtiest rooms at the end of the day. Use disinfectant on the lid, under the lid, the toilet seat, under the toilet seat and around the inside rim of the toilet bowl. This makes sure there are no germs, bacteria or urine residue left! We also recommend having lots of fun posters around that teach children how to hygienically use the loo and instructions on how to wash their hands!

Inside the toilet itself, one thing that bothers a lot of schools is the build-up of limescale. We suggest an acid base such as Viakal. You can also use distilled malt vinegar, pour some around the whole bowl and leave it there overnight. It’s also a good idea to flush all the toilets the morning afterwards because of the smell that may disturb children.  You can also use limescale removing toilet cleaners such as Toilet Duck and Harpic. Use the entire bottle over the limescale and leave it overnight to descale. We suggest using Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets every Friday afternoon and leaving it over weekend will create the best results. They deep clean the inside of the toilet without you having to do any scrubbing, and remove 100% of limescale. (This is not suggested for use in the week as the chemicals are harsh).

Cleaning the Kitchen.

Lastly, if the school has a kitchen, clean surfaces and counters daily. Clean the inside of microwaves and refrigerators at least once every two days for constantly well-presented equipment. As for the inside of the ovens they should be cleaned at least once a week so that grease doesn’t stain the inside of the oven after being left for too long.

We hope these cleaning tips help you keep your school clean and your pupils healthy!

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