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Happy Valentine’s Day

create a peaceful, calm, and romantic atmosphere

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Happy Valentine’s Day

What’s More Romantic than a Clean Space?  

Happy Valentines from Clarity Cleans! All this love in the air has had us asking, are romance and cleaning linked? We think the answer is a resounding, yes!

Not only is cleanliness ranked number one as the most common dealbreaker for romantic relationships, but pristine living quarters can reduce stress, bickering and make room for romance to flourish! So, it is important on an individual level, but what does that have to do with outsourcing your businesses cleaning?

Clean spaces create a peaceful, calm, and romantic atmosphere.

With couples up and down the country escaping for a fairy-tale weekend away in honour of St. Valentine’s Day, it is vital that their home for the weekend is spectacularly spotless.

What we have noticed from our years of expertise in hospitality and cleaning, is that your customer notice an unclean space before they notice anything else.
Once they see a hair in the bed, or a soap stain in the sink… suddenly they notice every tiny detail and are more likely to be critical of the space they are staying in, maybe a dent in the wall, maybe the tv is a little smaller than they’d like.

It makes the customer feel as though they have not been considered as an individual and that their stay is not special.

This holiday is one of magic, love, and escapism! Allow those feelings to thrive in your customers by hiring Clarity Cleans.

A clean space tells your customers that you care. Attention to detail is key to the customer experience when it comes to holidays, so let us bring that keen eye to your cleaning.

Happy Valentines Day! May you have a clean home and a loving day.

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Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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