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Don’t Disappoint New Home Owners!

We have got your back!

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Don’t Disappoint New Home Owners!

Home Owners pay a lot of money for a new house, it is important it is spotless when they move in! Disappointing new home owners can lead to a decline in your company’s reputation. Impressions are made in a moment and with a heightened focus on cleanliness and safety, there is little room to manoeuvre.

We have got your back!

Clarity Cleans are partners that offer specialist cleaning services in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Surrey and Somerset to a variety of organisations such as new builds, accommodation and letting companies. We understand that you need a reliable and reassuring cleaning partner to carry your reputation and quality through to completion.

Together we can.

Our teams are trained and skilled in ensuring quality and reliable cleaning that you can be sure of. And with the tools and techniques proven to deliver a thorough and quality clean, you can trust that it wont be your reputation getting damaged.

Clarity Cleans is also an ISO14001 accredited business. We have an emphasis on environmental sustainability and your customers will appreciate that too. We use minimal harsh chemicals, environmentally friendly products and microfibre cloths which are both reusable and absolutely brilliant for cleaning.
We also have years of experience in both commercial cleaning and management, meaning our expertise is perfect for your business. We are reliable, organised and great at what we do! We focus on the cleaning, so you can focus on creating wonderful homes.

Don’t let poor cleaning result in disappointed new home owners.

For a Quality cleaning partner in the South West that you can value…

Get in touch with us now or call us on 01934 313 000.

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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