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Detailed disinfecting cleaning is vital for Schools ongoing safety

where everything is a touchpoint, where do you start?

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Detailed disinfecting cleaning is vital for Schools ongoing safety

Across the South West schools are returning and with that comes the challenge to ensure quality disinfecting cleaning is maintained.

As we begin to venture out again and start to understand the ‘New Normal’ we will be living in, there has become a heightened awareness of the cleanliness of our surroundings and contact risk factors from these.

With this greater focus, the difference between a sanitising and disinfecting clean over a general clean is becoming more apparent and the cleaning procedures you had in the past may not be suitable now.

Disinfecting and sanitising should focus on heavy usage areas and touch points.

But in a school, where everything is a touchpoint, where do you start?

We have broken it down to give you the key areas to consider as you go back to school..

  • Touch Points – Regular disinfecting and cleaning should be maintained to the key touch points that are most likely to harbour contagions like doorknobs, desks and toilets! This should be done throughout the day so it would be best to set up a sanitising station and ensure this is kept stocked up, for example checked and refreshed during your daily Clarity Cleans cleaning service
  • Correct Chemicals – It is important that the correct chemical mix is used to destroy the virus, while also avoiding the unnecessary use of harsh and dangerous chemicals. While soap and water may be suitable outside, a stronger mix is required indoors . It is also important to ensure that those using such chemicals are confident with them to avoid further harm.
  • Correct Procedures – When carrying out disinfecting cleaning correct methods are vital to avoid cross contamination. Equipment should not be used in multiple areas and items need to be contained and disposed of/cleaned thoroughly. Surface cleaning with the wrong equipment will also just move the microscopic mess from one place to another.
  • Clever cleaning – Regular cleaning and disinfecting will play a key role in controlling the risk of infection and with the right tools and techniques it does not need to mean extra work or elbow grease for your team. With the correct techniques and tools for the job dirt, germs and virus can be removed quickly and effectively.

We know that these will be uncertain times and fully appreciate your current scenario.

We have the solution and support to help you thrive.

Clarity Cleans X-Mist & Micro-Fibre cleaning process guarantees to deliver a thorough, quality disinfecting and sanitising cleaning service for your schools.

Destroying All Germs Including Covid-19 DEAD!

Using our specialist cleaning procedures, microfibre technology and atmospheric sanitiser our unique approach provides a clean, fresh, and safe environment you can be proud to shout about.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about our one off Deep Clean service or ongoing facility care.

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Ann Mary
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