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Clarity Cleans Remembers All

We recognise all the colour poppies and groups they represent

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Clarity Cleans Remembers All

Clarity Cleans remembers all those who have been impacted by war. So we recognise all the colour poppies and groups they represent and thought we’d share with you the four different coloured poppy’s are and what they represent.

Red Poppy

Most people are aware of the red poppy. This traditionally represents the millitary veterans of war, particularly of the World Wars. The red poppy is connected to the Royal British Legion – a charity created by veterans of World War One. However, there are three other coloured poppy’s that reflect the lives of others not usually as celebrated on Remembrance Day.

Purple Poppy

The purple poppy stands for all the animals used in combat. Animals such as dogs, horses and pigeons have been used in war for a large part of history and died for human cause. Those that wear the purple poppy feel their service should be seen as equal to that of human service.

White Poppy

The white poppy was introduced by The Peace Pledge Union as some people eel that the red poppy glorifies war. This poppy commemorates those who died in conflict but emphasizes focusing on achieving peace and challenging the way we look at war.

Black Poppy

Lastly, the black poppy is for those who are often left out of the narrative of the World Wars. The black, African and Caribbean communities that have contributed to the war efforts.

We at Clarity Cleans remembers all communities for their role in keeping us safe.

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