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Care Home Cleaning and the Coronavirus

It is critical to reduce the risk of transmission and possible infections by Care home sanitising

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Care Home Cleaning and the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a unique and testing time for everyone.

It has impacted all aspects of our lives, some more than others, and has changed our interaction and perception toward the environment around us.

It is critical to reduce the risk of transmission and possible infections by Care home sanitising.

This is a difficult and trying time but with the ongoing spotlight and recognised importance of a hygienic and quality cleaned environment, having decisive and effective measures in place will reduce the risk while also maintaining confidence.

It is critical to demonstrate ultimate cleanliness …….. remove the fear, protect residents, protect guests.

Our country is gripped with fear at this time and it is likely to linger for some time yet. All of us have loved ones we wish to protect and, even when we don’t fear for ourselves, we fear for loved ones. Thus it is more critical than ever to demonstrate to our guests and residents that our facilities in no way present a risk.

Clarity Cleans can help you.

Clarity Cleans have years of experience and know that there is significant difference in the quality and standard of cleans as well as major distinctions between cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting.

  • Poor cleaning with the wrong tools and equipment will just move the microscopic mess from one place to another,
  • Paying attention to detail means key areas such as light switches and doorknobs is essential.
  • Cleaning is not the same as ‘sanitising and safe’- Do not take a risk!

Let us in to do what we do best so that you can too!

Our teams work with all necessary protective equipment and cleaning products as identified by government guidelines to provide a safe and thorough Care Home sanitising clean.

  • Pay Particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as counters, doorknobs, light switches, accessories and remote controls.
  • We spray with our specialist atmospheric sanitiser which has been proven to eradicate coronavirus!
  • We eliminate airborne Coronavirus (kills Coronavirus within 1 minute!) and sanitise all surfaces including door handles, light switches etc.

Do NOT take the risk…… Find out how we can help.

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Ann Mary
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