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Houses built but are they ready to be a home

Builders Cleans in the South West

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Houses built but are they ready to be a home

The wheels are rolling with new build homes, being approved and constructed at a steady pace. But getting them built is only half the challenge…

Don’t Let Streaky Windows Take Some Shine Off!

We all know that prospective buyers want to see the property as the fresh, crisp, new home they are looking for. So why let heavy dust, streaky windows and missed splattering’s of paint spoilt that. And at a time when purchasers have more options available to them why risk missing the chance...

We have the answer!

No matter how willing or careful your builders and contractor teams are, they aren’t meant for cleaning. But construction is dirty work, with heavy dust settling EVERYWHERE, drops of paint and dirty finger marks lingering.

At Clarity Cleans, our teams specialise in cleaning and will turn your houses into homes ready to show off.

With our ‘builders cleans’ service we work through every detail to make the property spotless. Just as your builders, electricians, plumbers and others have their specialist skills, we have ours and ‘builders cleans’ are no different. Using the best tools for the job and our keen eye for detail we work through every area of the property from windows, walls and floors to inside cupboards, drawers and window liners. And at the end our Team Leaders check them to the same standard as our 5* luxury holiday lodges to ensure they are ready to stand out.

To find out more about our builders cleans call 01934 313 000 or get in touch now!

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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