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Clarity Cleans is Proud to be a Women-Led Business!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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Clarity Cleans is Proud to be a Women-Led Business!

We are celebrating international women’s day here at Clarity Cleans. International women’s day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women![1] Clarity Cleans is proudly a women led business, here is why.

Because feminists have been pushing for equality in the modern world since the 1920s with the suffragette movement (right to vote), our society often forgets that many women’s rights haven’t been around for very long. In 2022, we may be used to seeing a woman in the boardroom (even if she is the only one!). However, not long ago, women were being paid overtly less than their male counterparts. Many women were not employed at all and even if she was being paid, couldn’t open her own bank account, making her financially dependent on her male spouse.

Women in the U.K. were not allowed to open bank accounts in their own name before 1975.

Meaning, female financial and employment freedom is less than fifty years old.

Shocking or what?

That is why our founder Ann Mary Wardman deserves such a mention on this international women’s day. Ann Mary has an MBA and enviable experience in business. From her start in retail management, right up to international franchising and sharing her expertise in the form of coaching. Ann Mary was the first area manager for Woolworths and has handled her fair share of sexism in the world of work as she started her career in 1975, (the same year she could open a bank account!). Ann Mary didn’t marry or have children in her 20s, she instead used this time to buy her own home, work tenaciously towards her financial and business goals. Ann Mary’s work has taken her around the world, from Vietnam to the USA in a time where women in business were few and the ones that were, were pioneers.

Finally in 2014, Ann Mary settled on creating a high-end hybrid of business expertise and commercial cleaning after noticing a gap in the market. Since then, Clarity Cleans has expanded throughout the South of England, has hired over 400 hundred staff, and continues to attract customers from Airbnb’s to holiday parks. Our main office is predominantly female and at times has been exclusively women-led! From accountancy to office management, sales to operations, we are elated to elevate women in business.

Clarity has a dedication to the environment and to pay staff more than minimum wage because we see ourselves as part of the community, a feminine pillar of success in our community.

Happy International Women’s Day!

And if you know a woman in business that was born before 1970, thank her for her pioneering spirit and creating the path for later women!


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