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Beware! Heightened Anxiety Toward New Build Cleanliness

100% Certainty In A Uncertain World

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Beware! Heightened Anxiety Toward New Build Cleanliness

Negative Customer Impressions Cost Thousands

Reputation matters and now more than ever the spotlight is on 1st impressions and reputation. But in this heightened anxiety world a more anxious customer can pick-up on and expose an area of complaint that in an old reality would not have been an issue. It is seemingly unfair…but nonetheless real in this fear-ridden environment.

They’re looking more closely and assessing every finer detail…and agents  are suffering significant pain when ‘new build’ cleans don’t match up to the expectations of new owner.

Today’s new owners demand ultimate service. Even when the usual cleaning is done, very often costly ‘call-backs’ are being demanded. And quite simply the cost and hassle factor are damaging to reputations and business.

Clarity Cleans – 100% Certainty In A Uncertain World

One thing is for sure – Clarity Cleans cover 100% of ALL of your cleaning requirements with respect to COVID and Personal Hygiene requirements.

  • Guaranteed Virus Killing Cleaning
  • Reliable Professional Cleaning Teams
  • Specialists In Deep Clean Situations
  • 100% Peace Of Mind And Reassurance For Guests

Ultimately your new build homes need to give complete confidence to visitors and prospects that there is no room for risk. Clarity Cleans specialist cleaning gives you what they need to see and allows your business to forge ahead.

To find out more about our New Build cleans call 01934 313 000 or get in touch now!

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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