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A Reliable Cleaning Service That Goes Above and Beyond

Come rain or sunshine we won’t let you down

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A Reliable Cleaning Service That Goes Above and Beyond

Using a cleaning service can be a daunting thing, especially if your past experiences don’t give you much confidence in finding a reliable one. But this doesn’t mean we aren’t out there.

At Clarity Cleans we know that there is a lot more to providing a reliable and professional cleaning service than just removing the dirt…

Our teams are always working to deliver the best service and experience. We are proud that they regularly go above and beyond their duties…

And if you don’t believe us check out just a few of our examples below:

We don’t just clean and go.

How many cleaning companies do you know that will disappear, leaving site as quickly as they arrived. Without any debrief or support for unexpected occurrences. Not us.

Our teams won’t leave site until we are sure all of the work and clear up is done. No matter how late in the day it runs. We know things can slip through the net. So we regularly work with our partners to cover additional cleans as and when identified and required. Our senior team members work with site management to address any special needs or requests as well as being on hand for any call backs should the need arise.

Come rain or sunshine we won’t let you down.

We all know that holiday guests will do whatever it takes to get to their break. Travelling through wind, snow, thick traffic and more they will make sure they get there… and so do we!

If its a heavy snow storm, or hour long detour, our teams make sure they get in and deliver the service you need for your persistent holiday guests. Clarity Cleans know you and your guests are relying on us and our teams take pride in delivering that. We even have team members who walk over 3 miles each way to make sure they are there to support every day.

We care for your guests as our own.

Our teams know that we are part of the face of your business. We know that your reputation and success reflects ours and customer service is a key part of our cleaning service.

Not just through quality cleaning but the little things we do to make sure your guests are as happy as possible. Ranging from clean, crisp uniforms and warm greetings to helping open stubborn jam jars or aiding a heavily pregnant lady off the floor (and yes that one is real). Our staff regularly go above and beyond ‘just cleaning’.

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning partnership that goes above and beyond the call of duty, here we are…

Call us NOW on 01934 313 000 or get in touch.

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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