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A Fair Lockdown Phase For Hospitality & Tourism

Protect Tourism Jobs

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A Fair Lockdown Phase For Hospitality & Tourism

This Is Ludicrous….  Let’s Make It ‘Fair Four Hospitality’ and ‘Protect Tourism Jobs’

As we start a new month and see restrictions ever easing there is far greater positivity as people venture out again. Travel restrictions being lifted have seen vast numbers flock to key tourist hot spots and yet, for the still closed and struggling hospitality and tourism sectors lockdown seems far from over.

If this is the problem…                                                                Then let this be part of the solution….

Where is the thinking?

  • Yes, we want to protect our families, neighbours, and communities.
  • Yes, to safety, hygiene, and social distancing.
  • Yes, we recognise the need for restricted openings and limitations.

Yes, to those but why not WHILE open and operating?

Hospitality and tourism play a unique role in the British economy and in people’s lives. It provides local employment and income as well as increased mental health and well being, both key aspects as we head toward the ‘new normal’. Yet the opportunity of reopening and ‘saving our summer season’, and the key income period, can’t come soon enough for many and will continue to have repercussions in the industry far after the virus has passed.

‘If holiday parks are not operational this summer, many businesses will fail and the economic and social impact will be directly felt in areas which are already under tremendous economic pressure’       (

This is a vital time for all those involved in hospitality and tourism, directly or otherwise, to unite in getting the message across to let us open and:

‘Support Local Tourism Jobs, save our summer season’

Not only for our livelihoods and professions but for all those that benefit from this unique and wonderful industry.

So please check out these campaigns and hashtags below, get involved and…

Let us join in again!

Ann Mary
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Ann Mary
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